Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise

The Struts are hitting the high seas aboard Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise in 2017! The ship is currently full, but you can join the waiting list by visiting the official website




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Agree with Kity and Marjorie....Easily the best band on the boat and we too missed out on the merchandise.  Luckily I can stream the album via Amazon Prime.  We were front row for two of the three appearances (missed the first night) and feel like we're seeing the emergence of a new UK invasion.  Checking out tour dates for 2017 and unfortunately, none in the South yet, but we'll be watching.

kitykity's picture

You guys were officially the MOST TALKED ABOUT BAND on the Kid Rock cruise! My husband Bud and I were in the front row of all three of your shows! Say hello to your newest fans! With love, from me, the ukulele girl, @kitykity on Twitter!  :)

Marjorie_Proulx's picture

Thanks for the awesome performances.  The only regret for me is waiting to buy merchandise on the last night; it was all gone -- sold out.

Catherine_Demay's picture

WHEN DO YOU COME IN FRANCE ????????????????????

i see You in July at Main square   festival Arras ... and i want to see you again......................