"Live And Unplugged" EP Out Now!

“We have been in the studio working hard on the next album and we’re pleased to say it’s going fantastic,” says Struts front man Luke Spiller. “But we wanted to put together something special to hold the fans over till we can share new music this summer.”

"Live And Unplugged" is a collection of stripped-down recordings made during the band's first week touring the US and during their homecoming in the UK. Download or listen now via the links below!

Track Listing:

1. Could Have Been Me

2. Kiss This

3. Put Your Money On Me

4. Where Did She Go

5. I Always Knew/Hotline Bling


Download/Streaming Links:


Apple Music


Amazon MP3




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Please let us buy CD's on this site. 


We just discovered The Struts.... WOW!  Love it and watching for a show close by!